We created biom to clean up the wipes industry.

Did you know that 90% of wet wipes contain plastic? We didn’t either.

And we can do better. Wet wipes and their packaging create billions of pounds of plastic waste every year. This didn’t sit right with us, so we set out to make a clean that leaves less behind—and contributes to a solution.

Enter biom

Wipes are meant to better your home, they should fit into it beautifully. We spent months researching and a year prototyping to create the perfect dispenser and wipes designed with you—and your home—in mind.

Sustainability Meets High Design

A 100% plant-based, biodegradable clean. A beautiful clean that looks as good as clean feels—beyond just the surface. Our wipes are made with zero plastics and 100% natural ingredients, because you shouldn’t have to wash your hands after using something that’s supposed to leave your space cleaner.


Creating planet-friendly wipes is only part of the equation: we’ve partnered with rePurpose Global to wipe out plastic waste and create recycling programs that support underdeveloped communities. Every biom product purchased contributes to our annual commitment of removing 1.8 million single-use plastic pouches from nature and funding 50 jobs dedicated to removing plastic waste. Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we are also Certified Plastic Neutral™.

We are actively working towards producing our dispensers out of recycled ocean plastic. This requires commitment to purchase pellets in large volumes, so as we grow- this becomes possible. We thank you for your support.

From our Founders

When the pandemic hit, we started using disinfectant wipes more regularly but always felt we had to be cautious using them around our kids. We started researching and were shocked to learn that most disinfectant contain toxic pesticides and are made with polyester or polypropylene (plastics). Worse, they come in these disposable plastic tubes which are very difficult to recycle. All this contributes billions of pounds of plastic waste every year, and worse: a lot of it winds up in the ocean.

With respective backgrounds in technology and architectural design, and a shared desire to raise awareness and help reverse the ocean plastic crisis; we decided to do something about it. We pooled our efforts and biom was born.

Try biom for yourself