Antibacterial Wipes and Viruses
Not all wipes are created equal. And even though they seem similar, antibacterial wipes aren’t the same as the ones that disinfect.
Disinfecting Wipes for skin
So let’s dive into why disinfecting wipes aren’t skin-friendly. We'll also explore some skin-safe alternatives along the way.
Disinfecting Wipes
If you stocked up on disinfecting wipes last year, you’re not alone. They’re great for cleaning bathroom surfaces, high-touch areas, and more. But they only last about a year or two until they start losing effectiveness. And the way you store your disinfectant wipes impacts ingredient effectiveness.
What Are Alcohol Wipes Used For? - biom
Alcohol wipes are pre-saturated with a mix of alcohol and water. They’re used for a wide variety of purposes and have several benefits.
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